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WordPress Web Design

Empower your online presence with my personalized WordPress website design services. From agency sites to portfolios and e-commerce, I specialize in crafting sleek and functional websites. Let's turn your vision into a standout online experience!

Rafy provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to grow organic traffic to any website or blog.

Search Engine Optimization

Elevate your online presence with my SEO expertise. From on-page and off-page to technical and local SEO, I tailor strategies for businesses and e-commerce. Let's boost your visibility and drive targeted traffic for sustained growth.

Azharul Rafy helps his clients with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisement also.

PPC Advertising

Supercharge online presence with tailored PPC services. Specializing in Google, Meta Ads, and strategic campaigns, I elevate businesses and e-commerce. From SEO to paid advertising, let's maximize visibility and drive targeted traffic for sustained growth.

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Client of Azharul Rafy from Australia.

Ria Odonnell, Australia

"Azharul was a fantastic Upworker. From his professional proposal to quick turnaround time, Azharul provided high-quality service and was very knowledgeable. I'd like to work with Azharul again."

Azharul Rafy, the Best SEO Specialist loves to travel, this is a picture from his visit at Birmingham, UK.

Azharul Rafy

MSc Digital Marketing Management Student
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
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This is Rafy, and I am an experienced SEO specialist.

I am a self-taught SEO specialist. To rank my blogs for researched, targeted keywords, I have been learning and experimenting with different search engine optimization strategies over the years. This is how I grew my SEO skills, in the range from on-page, off-page, to technical aspects: practically by doing.

I have a YouTube channel with over 160,000 subscribers and 3 million views a year. The channel growth was completely organic, with SEO and content marketing approaches.

I am a current student studying the MSc Digital Marketing Management program at Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom.

Digital marketing is what I am passionate about, and I am a constant learner.

WordPress web developer with strong SEO skills

Learn to Create WordPress Website

WordPress Online Course by Azharul Rafy

WordPress Basics to Advanced Course‚Äč

This is a complete, step-by-step course on WordPress. Starting with the fundamentals of WordPress, you will learn all the skills you need to start building your own WordPress website.

eCommerce store setup tutorial by Azharul Rafy

Start an eCommerce Store

This video is dedicated to people who want to start an eCommerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce. Starting with choosing a hosting provider, you will launch your store by setting up payment gateway.

SEO Specialist with strong WordPress Experience

52% Traffic from YouTube Search

Considering YouTube being the world’s second-largest search engine, I take the activities on the platform seriously. Over 52% of the views I get on my YouTube videos come from the YouTube search method. This is a result of proper SEO implementation using metadata, such as a researched post title, video content and description, tags, and after-publishing activities including social sharing, backlinking, etc.

YouTube views coming from YouTube search

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